Techsyneric is a dream firm created by Experienced Professionals who wanted to transform the Innovation & Creativity into useful business solutions for the masses.

We're a diverse group unified by a single belief: there has to be a better way for Software Services Enterprise to deliver services and solutions to clients. We call it services-on-demand — an approach that allows us to adapt to your needs and produce great work, faster and much more cost effectively.

Started in Year 2008, we are now old firm, with variety of experience. During our experience, we have made our mark across the globe. From the Customers in North America to startups in South America, From established EURO-ZONE companies to developing Africans and Asians, we have good experince working for our customers from around the globe. From Enterprise Resource Planning applications, to banking applications to customized softwares. From Internet based Hotel & travel applications to Hardware centric embedded systems our team have experience working across plateforms, domains & technologies


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